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Players on cod4?

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are there still lots of players on cod4? or will it die down cuz of cod6?
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Nah it still has dedi servers so it'll be around for a while

Originally Posted by tweaker123 View Post
are there still lots of players on cod4? or will it die down cuz of cod6?
It wont die.
Those who refuse to buy or play MW2 will probably stick to cod4 anyway.

Even cod2 is still alive, so I don't think cod4 is going to die out anytime soon
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Started to play Cod4 yesterday after 1 year brake and its still best FPS imo
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Last night, I had to wait to get on my normal servers. 40 man and 48 man servers both full.

It's not going to die.
It won't die until CoD8:Modern Warefare 2, 3
I play it all the time.
Ah! the irony, MW2 would drive the OCN server to it eventually, had it been possible to have dedicated private servers ^__^
grrr, i regret buying mw2 shouldve just kept my cod4
Well the campaign is beautiful

And its a lesson on character animation.
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dont get me wrong , cod6 was fun on mp, but for me i hate all the new fancy crap(guns with heartbeat attached with like random crap,with dual shotguns raping anyone they see, marathon pro, running and knifing everyone till it gets annoying, i like it simple like cod4
It's not dying and won't for some time. Till they get it right the next time. Or, dare I say it, BC2 comes out

But, those of use that still feel like playing it should get together, add each other on Steam/Xfire or get in a vent, and play on the OCN server sometime.
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i play both, lol i love the variety on MW2, and i still have lots of CoD4 friends,
Just installed CoD4 last week and i've climbed the ranks to 2nd Lieutenant so far. I've been switching it up by playing some handgun only servers which are really fun.

I'll be playing at least until the BF:BC2 beta is released.
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