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Playing Dead Space on Impossible mode...

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So I've already beaten Dead Space twice on Medium difficulty. Personally, if I have a major complaint of the game, it would be that it's too darn easy.

Impossible mode does provide more of a challenge though, some enemies kill in a single hit, and ammo is always scarce. I keep having to buy more, instead of more power nodes. Right now I am in the middle of Chapter 6.

I am very worried about Chapter 9, in that long room with the store on the end though. Even on medium that was tough, there is like 3 of every enemy that charge you at once...

Has anybody beat the game on Impossible yet? How was it? Don't give any spoilers if there are major differences between impossible and medium.
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Yeah i finished it on impossible, gets alot harder near the end of the game.
But yeah, nothing else i can say without adding spoilers lol
I've completed Dead Space impossible mode. All it boils down to is that the enemies take more hits to kill and the player takes more damage. Just make sure you sure you keep any excess medi-kits and ammo in the safe at the Store and you'll be fine. That way you won't have to waste precious credits buying medi-paks and will be able to buy plenty of ammo and suit upgrades. I went through the entire game with just the Plasma Cutter and Pulse rifle. There's not much point in wasteing credits on other weapons.
The contact beam is better than the pulse rifle.
Maxed out it one shots 90% of enemies.
what do u get by finishing the game in impossible ? (playing it on pC)

pD: im on chapter 3 with the military suit =D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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