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Please Appraise: E7200 @3.8 ghz, GA-ep35-ds3l Motherboard

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these are the items i am looking to get appraised:

Intel core 2 duo e7200:
it has 3 mb's level 2 cache, i have reached 3.8ghz stable on it, and it is currently running at that speed. the vcore @ stock if i remember correctly was 1.2, i have it currently set in bios at 1.3625, but with the vdroop of my board, it is 1.31 under load in windows. (sorry do not have windows currently installed to take screen caps of this. will look for a linux variant to do so.)

i was never able to get this cpu to do 4.0ghz, the vdroop on my board with each bump, became increasingly worst, at 1.4 volts in bios, it would show up in windows as 1.26 under load and it would bsod, so i settled on a happy medium of 3.8ghz.

it is a M0 stepping, which is quite funny, cause i live in Missouri LOL, its a joke with my friends, i have a Missouri intel

i originally paid $125 for this from new egg, last july, i know i am not going to be able to get that out of it, but interested in what i could get out of it if i sold it today

it is a nice chip, i do enjoy it a lot, i mainly use my computer for video encoding and compiling, i would like to go quadcore, that is why i am interested in what this will sell for.

Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3l:

i have two of these boards, both have the same vdroop, both were bought around last july. they both have a 1600 fsb oc rating, and both can do this on overclocking. i am not sure what else to say about this board, they have both been good boards. just interested in what their going rate are, looking to sell one off.


here is the product page for this board.

not sure what else to say about these items, other than appraise away

thanks in advance.
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Woot woot.. Missourian!

The chip IDK about really. But I can tell you I bought one of those Mobo's of OCN here a couple months back for $50shipped. Since, I've seen them go for about $60.
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