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I'm building up a new rig. I have some idea's on what I want for this build. This will be a overclocking build.

I will have my 465 EVGA card for now, but I'm planning on upgrading 2 duel sli at some point.

I'm open for better idea's (I want best overclocking memory, but I know its shoot or miss with those.)

Water cooling is a must. Is the CoolFlux any good? Comes with the Thermaltake stuff. I'm not so sure though, people are saying its not as good as other third party solutions. I might get the white case variant if I find a better solution. Then again, I can go with the H100 or H80 from Corsair.



First Memory Option(ADATA)
Second Memory Option(Corsair)

Mobo (EVGA, open to better ideas, like ASUS or GIGABYTE)

CPU i7 second gen (not sure which though)

Your advice is greatly appreciated!


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