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Please help me get this overclock stable.

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Hi I’m having some trouble getting my sig rig stable in prime95. I have tried a bunch of different setting but can’t seem to get the blend test stable. I was able to use the cpu test in prime @ 4.25 ghz rock solid. I however can’t even get 4.1 ghz to be stable in blend I. It always fails on one core.

I have tried using 9x multi as well as 9.5x to no avail. The ram is rated for 1150 and I have it running @ 1122. I have the ram voltage within spec @ 2.35v and the timings are stock at 5-5-5-15 with ai clock twister set to lightest. The cpu voltage seems to have no affect on stability as I’ve gone up (all the way to 1.4v) and down and I get around the same amount of time before the test fails +/- 3 hrs.

On the northbridge I have also tried to change the voltage from 1.35 â€" 1.53 v to no avail. The cpu at full load is around 55* and NB is around 45-50* depending on voltage. Can someone give me some suggestion as to what I can do to get this stable?
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LLC enabled or disabled?

You may try enabling it and stressing it again.
yea sry I have it enabled
I guess ram speed is your problem.To test,reduce your ram freq. to 1000 or less & try.
To keep your current ram speed,increase Vdimm,make sure your ram is not too hot & raise common performance level in bios.Also set Vnb to 1.3-1.4 & Vtt to 1.2-1.3.
really weird I increased my ram speed up to 1178 and cpu up to 4.2 and now its stable? I'm confused but Ill take it.
turns out the voltage to my ram was too high at 2.34v which was within spec as kingston claims 2.3-2.35. I lowered it to about 2.24v and its golden at 1200mhz cpu @ 4.3ghz and fsb @ 478mhz.
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