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Howdy folks, I've been working with the GT 430 based GT 540M in my M11x, I've already made my own custom vBIOS and system bios, but unfortunately there is not further voltage table structure for above 1.00v. Which concludes that voltage is hard set by the discrete DC-DC controller. Now, I've taken some solid pictures of the board and the related component, but I'm stumped as to which resister is which in the divider to perform a pencil mod, then subsequent trim pot installation.

So I've attached both the schematic for the M11x r3 i'm dealing with in regards to the particular controller we're interested as well as a photo of the resisters we're interested in. Additionally I've also attached the official schematic for the TI controller we're working with.

My two questions are, how the heck do I figure out the figures as to which voltage is being put out (it gives the formula, but I'm not sure what some of the variables should be). Second, which resister is the one specifically responsible for the direct mod(r1 and r2 identification)? Thank you all so very much.


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