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please help me!!!

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My PC is AMD 3200+ venice with a Zalman 9500 albatron K8 SLI 1 giga ram kingston evga 7600gtko
i want to overclock my cpu so i set the fsb at 260 voltage at 10% i lower the
ram frequency and restart my pc so nothnig happens i dont know how
to overclock so plz tell me the steps!!!!!
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fill in your system spec that way we know what were dealing with.
My system spc is AMD 3200+ venice s939 cooler Zalman 9500 1 giga ram kingston 3-3-3-8, albatron K8 SLI, evga7600GT KO, SB audigy2 ZS,80 HDD,power 500w.
my fsb is 200, HT auto, ram frequency is 200,voltage is 1.4 and everything else is on
i overcklockit sucseful at 2.4!!!!but i want to try to the limit!!
and one more i low my ram frequency at 333mz it is posible to run again at 400mz???
hello, welcome to ocn.

please do add your system here
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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