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Hey overclock community! Long time supporter here, ive read so many pages of this thread you have no idea of a solution at this time.

I bought a used qnix 2710 LEd (( one Dual Dvi Port) Not sure of the exact model number) locally, recieved it today. The previous owner showed it to me, working, no blacklight bleed nothing.

So i went for it, and im writing on it right now.

Next to the issues then:

The monitor will not work at 60hz or above. When started up solo, it had alot of green lines on the right side, and black on the left (http://imgur.com/uiFAsKp)

Now I fiddled with it for hours, and after patching, installing the driver i managed to set the refresh rate to 20hz, this made it work, and now i bumped it up to 57hz but 58hz or higher makes it go back to this (http://imgur.com/uiFAsKp). I have a acer 1080p monitor that is using the usb port on my gtx 980 card

If I remove the second monitor, it goes back to that vertical line screen, and if i launch a full screen game, same thing.

Now i imagine this to be because if i do any of those things, the refresh rate goes back into the 60hz range and it stops displaying. That said, i have a new cable comming tomorow(DVI-D-Cable-Dual-link-Male-DVI-D-to-DVI-D-Video-) , one that the owner used and knows works fine (im using a brand new one that he hadnt opened or used ever before)

Is there anything i can try meanwhile? Im finding it hard to believe that the cable is the only issue for something so bizzare. Or would anyone link the proper cable to get this monitor to overclock?

System specs;
evga gtx 980 4gb acx 2.0
fx 8350
16gb Ram
Window 10 Current update
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