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Please help! Why is my new card running so slow!

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Here's the situation. I have this desktop which is about 6 years old and had it all through university. It was great at the time and could run, farcry, CS source and a bunch of games at high quality. Here are the basic specs of the original system

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3400+
Ram: 2 gigs
Graphics: ATI radeon 800XL AGP 256mb
HD: 150gb

A few months ago, my video card died, so I decided to go on newegg and buy a new one. My mentality was that if my original card cost me $250 6 years ago, i should be able to get something just as good or better for $75. I decided to go with the

EVGA GeForce 6200 256DDR2.

The card came I popped it in and once all the drivers were installed i booted up CS source and it was unplayable. I had to turn all the settings down to low/medium to get the fps up. What gives? Shouldn't the GeForce be able to handle the same types of games as my original radeon? I'm not looking to build/buy a new system I just wanted to replace the video card. Can anyone suggest a better card for under $100?
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