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6200 was a low-end Nvidia card released in 2004.
X800 was released also in 2004 to compete with 6800 series, and it was a high-end card back then. but it lacks shader 3.0 unlike nvidia 6000 series.
The GeForce 6800 was released to compete with this card.
So any card above GeForce 6800 will be faster than X800.
You can find HD4650/4670 card and they are much better than 6200.
return the card if you can. as everyone suggested.
Keep your eye at these
Radeon : X1950PRO/HD3650/HD3850/HD4650/HD4670
GeForce : 7600 GT/7800 GS/7900 GS/7950 GT
but the HD series can do DX10. unlike the geforces mentioned above.
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