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Please help! Why is my new card running so slow!

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Here's the situation. I have this desktop which is about 6 years old and had it all through university. It was great at the time and could run, farcry, CS source and a bunch of games at high quality. Here are the basic specs of the original system

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3400+
Ram: 2 gigs
Graphics: ATI radeon 800XL AGP 256mb
HD: 150gb

A few months ago, my video card died, so I decided to go on newegg and buy a new one. My mentality was that if my original card cost me $250 6 years ago, i should be able to get something just as good or better for $75. I decided to go with the

EVGA GeForce 6200 256DDR2.

The card came I popped it in and once all the drivers were installed i booted up CS source and it was unplayable. I had to turn all the settings down to low/medium to get the fps up. What gives? Shouldn't the GeForce be able to handle the same types of games as my original radeon? I'm not looking to build/buy a new system I just wanted to replace the video card. Can anyone suggest a better card for under $100?
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Send it back, like others said ... you got the wrong card unfortunately

In fact, the 6200 is just as old of a card as your 800XL, only instead of being a decent mid-range card at release, it was a cheap, entry-level, cruddy card. Heck it was probably about $75 back then, too.

The only AGP cards I know of that are 'close to as good' or even 'slightly better' than what you had are the AGP versions of:

Ati: 3850, 4670, 1950 Pro (in order of decreasing power, all I think are *considerably* better than 800XL)
nV: 7800GS (I think it's probably a bit faster), 6800 (I think it's around the same).

Not saying you'll be able to FIND any of these, just that I know they exist(ed) and were of similar or better quality.

Seriously, though ... sometimes you find a combo deal at like Frys or Newegg where you pick up a cheap board/proc combo that has PCI-Ex slots for like $70, then drop $40 for a lightly used 9600GSO/GT (in fact I even just such a card laying around I'll sell to you for that if you pay shipping), and have a rig that's considerably more powerful overall than what you'd have if you were to invest in any of those decent AGP cards to add to your current platform (if you even can find one of any of them, it'll probably cost you $100 or more).

Welcome to OCN, btw, and next time you're making a hardware move, ask around here first

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Originally Posted by edalbkrad;14190592
jesus for 75$ you should have gotten an HD3850 AGP.
for less than 50$ you could get an x1900XT AGP.

the 6200 is a lot slower than your last x800 but it should be able to run CS SOURCE on low settings.

Best choice is to get an x1650pro AGP for 30$ because anything faster would be bottlenecked by the athlon
I'm sure he'd love it if you could tell him where he can actually get those cards at those prices

I disagree about the BN though. You can't just look at hardware and proclaim card X will be bottlenecked by cpu Y. You also have to know what software is running, and what settings it's being run at. Metro2033 wouldn't be the least bit slowed down by that CPU w/any of those cards, for example.
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