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Please help

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If anyone out there can help us out, we just bought all these components off ebay, will the 1000W be enough? also how do i raid 0 via the motherboard, not through installed windows; we want to have the raid0 pre windows install if you know what we mean....
last thing, do you think the copper 120 is good, there is a 120mm fan going on it aswell.
please help if you can
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1000w is more than enough, hardware wise my rig basically uses around the same amount of power that yours does and I'm fine with a 700w. And yes, you setup RAID 0 in the BIOS and from there install windows onto it.

And about the TRUE copper, I haven't seen any reviews of it comparing it to a normal TRUE, but I doubt having massive amounts of copper will make it perform any better. But it's still good like the normal TRUE.
..forgive me, im semi computer savvy, but so u say in the BIOS, so is that a physical part on the motherboard that i will have to switch, or exactly how do i set it up to be raid0 pre os install, your help is greatly appreciated
(more clearly) how exactly do i set up my twin raptors in raid0
thatnk you
You go into your BIOS. When you boot up, there should post saying you can press "DEL" to enter the BIOS. You have to first make sure both of your Raptors are read. And then under the Storage Configuration, set it to RAID instead of IDE (i assume it is on that). Then you exit and save your BIOS. After that, I think you press Control + I to get into the Raid configuration. Your motherboard manual should explain how to do it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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