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Please Recommend me a SLI 775 Mobo!

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hey all.

i am in the market for a new motherboard, getting sick of the p5k. i have a core2Duo, so require a 775 mobo. i will be overclocking, i'm aiming for 4.0GHz once i get a new cooler, so the board needs to be a reputable overclocker, with DDR2 Ram.

i have a 9800GTX+, so i will also require SLI for the future upgrade option. therefore it needs an nvidia chipset

thanks for the assistance, have a good one
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Originally Posted by Juggalo23451
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30.00 mail in rebate
169.99 after mail in rebate
free shipping


I believe all he needs is a 750i ftw. Only difference is more sata and tri sli capa.

I think since tri sli is a waste of time unless you game ultra high res, 750i is the way to go.
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evga 750i ftw ftw

A bit cheaper than the 780i/790i but mainly the same features, meets all of your requirements and is a very reputable overclocking board.

141$ after MIR w/ 1600+ FSB
Either an XFX or EVGA 750i FTW would get my vote.
actually upping to 790i ultra will be good as well
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