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OK gentlemen, I got myself in a mess. I ended up purchasing 3 motherboards, 2 of which are the same (I was using bitcoin and I still don't even fully understand how it happened, going to beed to take it to e-bayeventually to sell ones I don't use). In any event, for some reason during the same fit of temporary insanity I bought for a case a "Trooper SE." It's...to say the least, a poor fit. No room to work with the wiring, no shelves (though I did but over $100 in various shells and support for the Graphics card). Can anyone who has a ROG Extreme Motherboard and a big graphics card (such as a Titan V like I have) give me an idea for a proper case?

I've invested so much money in this so far, top of the line everything. I 'd hate to see it all ruined by a damn case. Any help/advice greatly appreciated. And, if you happen to be a real pro at putting these things together and live in NYC area, if you can install everything for me including BIOS, you can have one of the $750 motherboards for free. (you can PM me, obviously and we'd set it up so that everyone felt ok and it was all on the level, assuming such things even allowed on here).

Anyway lads, I'm desperate. I feel like the parts are calling to me to be set up, but so afraid of making a mistake ruining thousands fo dollars worth of stuff.... what would you all think of a square case more designed for water cooling, but without the water? With all the crap I spent mmoney on (and overspent money on) right down to last detail, can't believe I messed this up...


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