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Hi, first sorry for my poor english.

I just brought a PC on Sat which I buy each part myself as i have gathering info of any spec I want.
and so, I get this spec...

Mornitor Acer 23"

CPU: AMD PhenomII x6 1055T

VGA: HIS HD 6950 2 GB

MB: ASUS ASRock 880GMH/U3S3 (with up-to-date BIOS)
RAM Kingston DDR3 HYPERX 4gb (2x2)
HDD: 1TB WD Blue
DVD DRIVE: LG (cheap one)

PSU: TAGAN U37 600W (TG600-U37)

After I have brought everything, I manage to have some PC technician in a store to assemble the parts to make a PC for me.
But then all problem occur....

- the PC have very high chance to freeze in Bios or get a blue screen when i try to install windows
- the technician tried to change some hardware to a new one of the same spec but the problem still occur (we have change CPU/Mainbord/PSU)

After 5 hrs of finding problem we still cannot figure it out about what's going on with my PC but it look stable at the time so we decide to take it to my home.

When I was back to my home, I found that my PC still have that kind of error (screen freeze in both BIOS menu and pc report in black screen)

I could not do anything with it but decided to win this by trying to install windows to my PC.
I found many interruption when trying to install windows like blue screen and freeze screen, but with patience I finally have a windows 7 32 bit on my PC

there still be many blues screen occur when the windows was running without drivers (I see some report like IRCQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL for many times too)
but after i tried to put M/B and Graphic card driver into the PC ,it looks more stable and no more blue screen when in windows mode
However, I still see freeze screen many times before my PC can start windows, so I have to reboot it if the problem occur
(if i can get into windows mode there will be no problem anymore)

I installed a game (Mass effect) and see everything run properly, I also try to reinstall Windows once in yesterday to make it 64 bit but found blue screen later so I'm back to win 7 32 bit (and interupted by many blues creen again)

Can anyone help me find the problem pls? I dont know if my PC will be stable like this for how long.. (I just see RED SCREEN for the first time of my life when i try to install drivers yesterday)
someone said my RAM or PSU or M/B does not mactch with other parts and i change RAM buss to 1333 as their advice

PS. When I try to see my Graphic card identity I only see it's say I'm using Radeon HD 6900 series not HD 6950 no matter what method i use to indentify it
Is it normal to see like this?

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Sounds like your RAM is unstable to me. Make sure its running at its rated voltages and timings for 1333.

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If you are using GPU-Z to see the GPU specs then seeing "6900 series" is what normally shows, not the specific model. It should show up correctly in the Catalyst contrl center however.

I had a problem similar to this in my brother laptop and when we replaced the hard drive the problem stopped. This wouldnt cause the BIOS screen freezes however, so I am stuck. It seems like a motherboard problem, but you said you had tried different motherbards. I have no idea if RAM issues cause this problem, but try what ^ said. Good luck mate!
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