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I just built my first pc. And im tryong to download latest drivers for my gpu from nvidia well everytime I download the drivers and restart it screws u........ let me explain how it screws up. When it restarts it shows the windows screen and does it loading thing then when that goes away it stat ts turning the screen on and off on and off over and over and over again. ITS DRIVING ME NUTS. I lookwd all over the internet ans cant find a single solution. Pls some one help me figure this out. O and also when I try doing windows update it does all the downloading and reayatts to reconfigure when it gets to 98% it stops and says "failed to configure updats reintalizing previous config" or somthen like that.

Here are specs
Cpu: i7 3770k
Mb: asus maximis v extreme
Ram: corsiar dominator 8g
Gpu: asus gtx690
Psu seasonic 860 w
Operating system: windows 8pro.....I know I know I shoild have gotten 7 buy was didnt wanna wait another day.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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