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Plz Help!

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I dont know what else to do to overclock my q6600 to 3ghz on this msi p6n diamond board. I trid using 1333 fsb x 9 or 1333 fsb x 8 and i still cannot get it stable. Can anyine help me with any good settings plz?
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Bump up the vcore (cpu voltage)?

Give us all the specs you're using...
To start, what's your vcore? If it's stock, try putting it up to 1.3-1.35v. That should give you more than enough to work with.
What is your Q6600's VID?

Show us your BIOS if you can.
And like others have said, increase your VCore.
Don't you hate it when people abandon their own thread after receiving so much help? :swearing:
DJKelly is probably trying to change settings in BIOS instead of reading our advice
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Hm, he is on though. So I doubt that.
I do not hate it because if you are helping it is not like you look for anything back? If it works for him, it does not matter, right?
These are the settings i've been trying. When i upped the cpu volts to 1.275 it restarts as soon as i start prime 95. I once got it to give me about two hours on prime 95 before it rebooted. My temps at 3 Ghz are just below 68.

FSb Clock - 1333
CPU ratio - 9
Mem Clock - 667
Advanced DRAM - 4-4-4-12-1T and 4-4-4-12-2T
PCI-e Frequency - 100
CPU Volts - 0.0375 - 1.275 (I tried all in that range)
Mem Volts - 2.0
NB Volts - default and also 1.4v and 1.5v
SB Volts - 1.5v (Default)
FSB VTT - 12%
NB to SB Frequency - 800 Mhz

I disabled things such as speed spec., D.O.T, CIE Sup. and so on. I also tried fsb clock 1400 x 9 for 3.15 ghz but it still gave me errors. I cannot set fsb clock to more than 1400 though, else the system would freeze up and say system recovered from bad overclocking when it starts up back!
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Don't get me wrong, helping people great - but when they don't post a reply saying if our advice is good or bad etc it kind of irritates me a bit...

Originally Posted by DJkelly
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My temps at 3 Ghz are just below 68.

Wow hot CPU! Try upping the voltage some more, like others said. Might want to watch those temps - I'm guessing full load on orthos, right?
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Sorry i took so long to reply!!
HIGHER VCORE VOLT. Go up to 1.3 if you have too. You still can put more voltage on VCore.

Yeah, why is it so hot? I think you need a better Heatsink.

Cooler I mean.

edit: And if it is helpful, then they will rep you. Even if they do not, you should know if it was or not.
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Before you raise your vcore, tighten your HSF or reseat it. 68C at 1.2750v is extremely hot, and 1.3v+ might take it past the 72C maximum.
I think i do need a better heatsink but i am in Jamaica where its kinda hard to get good pc parts. Its wierd though because the people who i bought the pc from said they overclocked it to 3.4 ghz and i accidentally deleated the settings. But do u jnow why i cannot go past 1400 fsb?
Like you have said yourself, "they said they overclocked it," where is the proof, did you see it as it?

But then how was the temperature before? You can up your voltage, but you are getting high temperatures.
What cooler are you using...never mind Arctic Cooler ... thats a pretty good cooler.. you should not have that high of a temp though.
I will try to increase the voltage some more even though anuthing after 1.275 is not safe occording to the bios screen. When i had it at 3.15 ghz i got max of 73c on ontelburn test and 70 on prime95. At stock speed my temps are around 45c idle and 62c load. Is that still high for freezer 7 pro or its because of the two gt's?
NB. The system i am trying to overclock is My 2K8 Upgrade as is below with nothing changed
70C on Prime 95 is uncomfortable, but still safe. Your 2 GT's may have something to do with your temps. See if you can increase the fan speed on both of your graphics cards to about 90%. I raised my 8800GTX's fan speed from 60% to 90% and my CPU temps dropped by about 4C.
Do you have any Arctic Silver around. If you do I would unseat the AC Cooler and clean the processor with alcohol on a cotton ball. Then clean the cooler bottom. Install one english pea sized blot in the center of the processor and then take a plastic card and spread it covering the entire top of the processor. then reinstall the AC Cooler..
How do i increase my fan speeds?
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