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Received this email this morning;


Hey folks!

Today, Pale Moon 4.0.5 has been released. This fixes a number of annoying and important issues:


* Performance fix: Javascript performance improved.

* Crash fix: Prevent crashes in optimized builds of JS.

* Updater fix: Internal updater should function again from this version onward.
>> This means that your current version most likely will not update <<
>> Please download and install manually. <<

* Add-ons window shows the proper add-ons page when loading it.

* Shell integration fixed for Vista and 7: The browser should no longer complain that it's not the default program when it, in fact, is.

* Main Pale Moon program icon updated with a higher-res version of the logo image.

You can download the program here:
Use Bittorrent if you can.

The portable can be found here:

Kind regards, and happy browsing!


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Originally Posted by darksideleader;13109999
does it fix the crashing when you run firefox and palemoon at the same time?
Try disabling hw acceleration in palemoon, works fine for me like that. With hw acceleration i was getting crashes as well.
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