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PNY 7300GT Turbo Cache? HUH??

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Ok, first I'm running Vista, second I just bought a PNY 7300GT today, installed it with the newest forceware drivers for Vista (yeah, got it free from my college!) and looked at my display settings and its says its using 255mb of "shared" memory in addition to the 256 on board.

any ideas how to turn it off? the box and PNY's website didn't say anything about using "shared memory" or turbocache. I can't find anything in the nvidia control pannel either.

Thanks and here a screen shot.
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Wow, I've never seen that. It's a PCI-Express? I'll have to see if mine is doing that. You might check in the BIOS for ways to turn it off.
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I know you can't turn off the 6200 TurboCache, but I'm not sure about the 7300GT

If it didn't have TurboCache website you might be able to get a refund as its not sold as advertised..
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Turbo Cache means that it also Uses your Systems Ram. You can turn down the amount of shared memory usually in the BIOS. IF your card doesnt state its turbo cache then you havent got this issue.
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I was pretty sure the 7300GT doesn't support TC.

The first thing that comes to me is that you actually have a 7300GS with a modded BIOS to make it look like a GT (it's not that hard to make). To find out it this is true or not use a soft like RivaTuner to see what is the GPU code name. The GS is G72 and the GT is G73.
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You have a C2D 5300?
Are they the new ones, or just misspelling?
The 5's I believe are what dell is using. Friend of mine got a T5020 or something like that, but it's supposed to be a C2D.
I googled and it's a xeon cpu.
Dude , that's alot of power for a 7300Gt..............(bottleneck of hell!!!!)
I would send it back and tell them they did not sell the item has advertised and get a 7600GS, much better, and not much more expensive.
what is the big deal with turbo cache and it does it improve anything?

Originally Posted by Modki
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The 5's I believe are what dell is using. Friend of mine got a T5020 or something like that, but it's supposed to be a C2D.

Its the T5200 you are talking about and those are the notebook line of C2Ds.

The desktop models start at e6300 and will soon feature some of the L models which are analogous with the Celeron line in regards to Pentium products.
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The turbo cache is using your Ram as video memory, instead of the card having it's own memory! I had a friend with one, it wasn't bad but i wouldn't buy one...If you have over a gig of ram,i'd say that it's ok but under a gig and it's going to affect your gameplay
isn't that what the AGP apreature size thing or whatever was for? using system memory along with video card memory?
Ok, emailed PNY today, and heres what I got.
"Hi John,

The 7300 GT does not use Turbo Cache Technology.

This error could be coming from the driver. Currently Nvidia has not released an "official" driver for Windows Vista.

The current driver for Vista is a Beta for Vista RC2. If you are using the beta driver this could be the problem.

The official driver should be released around the same time the official Windows Vista Operating System is released, Check with Nvidia for mare information.

When I check task manager, its shows the full 1028 mb ram I'm supposed to have, so I think its just a glitch with the drivers or something.

Ahhh.. being an early adopter....
Thanks for the replies. Reps+

oh and the C2D "5300" was a typo.. 6300..
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Yeah I noticed that the Beta drivers aren't up to snuff yet. The XP ones would show me a lot more options and it also knew what my display was. Now it just calls it "Plug & Play Monitor"
Get The 7600 GTS like I did Yesterday For 97 dollars at microcenter....
Plus It oc's like a champer.
TurboCache allows the graphics card to use your system's RAM to boost its own RAM supplies.

You do get extra RAM on the card, but you lose RAM Windows can use and its also slow RAM - while DDR3 runs at 500mhz your normal RAM is at 200mhz
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This one is not the ddr3 version, but I can get the memory to almost 800mhz.. i'm gonna see just how far it'll go...
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