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PNY Verto Geforce 9600 OC help

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Hello Overclock.net, i have some questions.

Here is the settings/temps

Core: 740
Shader: 1900
Memory: 1100
Temps: Idle: 48-50 Playing Crysis: around 58-62 C, 100 percent fan usage.

1. How far can this card go? (I have searched everywhere) and have i pushed it the furthest it can go?

2. What are the recommended temps.

Also, i don't care about the fans, as my case fan is louder than my CPU fan, and GPU card combined D:, but this thing is just amazing it sucks the air out of my case like there is no tomorrow.
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D: Anybody?
Also, what is the max memory anybody has gotten on a 9600 GT.
The most I've taken my old card: PNY Verto GeForce 9600 GSO 768mb DDR3 (OC Version) was to:

750 core
1750 shader
950 memory (2x950= 1900mhz effective)

ATI Tool, 3DMark06/Vantage, Crysis / WoW for 5hrs straight raiding no problems.
any more than that and it would crash, and also show artifacts.

The stock clocks were 550 core, 1350shader, 850 memory.
umm that seems about as high as you can go with stock volts, if you really wanna go farther than that, add more voltage to it. Oh, and you really don't need 100% fan speed, you could probably put it at like 50 or 60% and maybe temps will get into mid 70's, but still safe.
As i said, the case fan is louder than my GPU fan, so it does not matter.
I cant push it over 740 Core, and 1100 Mem. I dont really know how to change the volts, i have not really gotten into GPU overclocking too much until now.
Do i use NbiTor? (BIOS editor)
With stock volt, you should be able to push your core to around ~760Mhz. 1900 shader is about right. 1100Mhz memory is very nice for the hynix chips. At stock volts the card can handle temps in the 60's just fine. If you decide to voltmod you should check out my 9600GT volmod thread in my sig.

If you voltmod on air you could prbly hit ~820 core and 2000 shader with around ~1.22v. Voltmodding the memory will get you no where. The memory on these cards are crap, unless PNY uses Samsung chips.
Thanks for the volt mod, ill try it when i get my GTS 250 so i have something to fall back on xD
The PNY Verto Geforce 9600 GT runs at lower volts, therefor it does not overclock as well. But, it saves much more power.
mine on stock volts hits 725/1825/1110 stable (folding for a few days stable)
if this helps

Originally Posted by zomgiwin
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mine on stock volts hits 725/1825/1110 stable (folding for a few days stable)
if this helps

D: Not much help sorry. But, i can easily reach 740/1900/1100 stable.. Although, thanks for the memory tip.
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