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Polk R50's ????

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I am wondering if i should upgrade to these for $150 for a new pair

My system right now is
-Marantz Sr4400 Receiver
-Energy C-50 bookshelf speakers
-Energy ESW-8
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Those wouldn't be much of an upgrade. The biggest improvement you would probably hear would be the deeper bass extension, but since you have a sub in the mix, that really won't make much of a difference. Also you may want to hit a local audio shop that carries Polk speakers for a quick listening test (bring your own tracks that feature low/mids/highs/full range). Personally, I've found the upper end of these speakers to be a bit on the harsh side, and fairly lifeless, particularly for things like symbal/highhat, solo electric guitar, and violin.

Another option would be to keep an eye out on audiogon.com for deals on higher end audio, where you'll see a large improvement. Occasionally, they will list book shelf speakers from KEF, Paradigm, and PSB that would be in your price range that would be a huge improvement over both Energy and Polk.
What if I just threw my speakers on my TV for home theater for like my PS3 and 360?...Im using stock tv speakers right now
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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