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sup ppl,

my budget is limited, especially considering that i got fired (that's a whole another post). anyway, my current system spec is:
1) intel core 2 duo 6300
2) 1GIG dual channel kingston pc4200 RAM DDR2 533 MHZ
3) EVGA 7600GT PCI-E card

i've been meaning to exchange the memory for DDR2800, i'm still within the 30 day exchange period. It'll cost me $50 more to do the switch. But then I saw sale at Fry's for a EVGA 7950GT card for $199 (after rebates)! so naturally i wanted to buy it as well.
Then I realized "oh **** i don't have a job!" So, what would you recommend as the best choice? Thanks for your help!

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7950 if you're not going to overclock.

If you're running the 6300 at stock, the ram will only be running at 533Mhz anyway, so 800 isn't really going to make that much of a difference.

Doesn't EVGA have that trade-up program? Isn't it if you've bought a card in the last 90 days or summat that they'll give you the cost you paid for it towards an upgrade? Might be well worth looking inot if it saves you a bit of money
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