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Interested in OCN live videos?

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I'm wondering how many people would be interested I tuning into the OCN Facebook page (link in my Sig) if I host some live things on occasion. I'd start by doing a live delidding of X299 processors.

If so, what would you like to see other than delidding?

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Do an LN2 benching competition, head to head, but do something like in those cooking shows.

Example: There's only one Cryogenic container so the two or three or four teams have to keep stealing it off each other to keep their cpu from melting.

or: The LN2 has to be carried to the rig by hand

or: The person pouring the LN2 is blindfolded and the team mates have to direct them without physical contact

or: The person doing the overclocking has to use an oversize keyboard where each key is like 1m^2 and they have to jump really hard on it to activate it.


oh wait i dont have facebook nvm

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Another vote for Twitch. Too old for faceplant/book.
And as google translates caseking.de 8700k: "decapitated: Yes"
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