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I'm thinking about going to water cooling over high-end air cooling, but I have a few questions, mostly common I'm sure. Here are the pro's and con's I've come up with:

-Keeps your components cooler.
-Looks very nice.

-If rushed it could result in a loss of components.
-Takes a very long time to set-up (it seems like).

I tinker around in my computer pretty often and exchange parts pretty often too, I'm curious as to how much work it is to move parts around once the water cooling is installed, i.e. if I were to change the CPU would I have to bleed it, refill it, leak test it, etc?

And lastly, would someone mind helping me out with a basic water cooling setup just for the CPU with the possibility of adding a GPU block once one is released for the R600?

Thanks in advance.

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another pro is its much quieter than air.... mine is virtually silent, and has only 2 fans,('cept for gpu)and quiet ones at that, ive built a few 3 wc rigs, and in this last build i decided not to cool the GPU, just the CPU and NB.... i find my flow rates are better, and the gpu is doing fine with its behemoth of a HSF.

heres a pic of my rig i built last week ;-)


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Originally Posted by Bacchus451
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Hm, also how much lower do temps get with water is another question I meant to ask.

Depends on how good... anywhere from 5C to 20C over ambient with a good loop.

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its not really how much lower temps are with watercooling...
its more the delta....meaning your idle to load temps decrease ALOT once you switch from air to water.Besides the best you can do with water and air is ambient, or close to it.
Plus a good watercooling kit will cost you yes, but it will last as well, from system to system

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hey man,
i had the same thought as you when i swiched to a WC setup. My temps never go above 30c (thats OC by 22% under full load). I love my WC setup. One of the cons is you need a REALLY big case of you want all of your loop to be internal, mine is mainly internal with the ran mounted externaly on top of the case for the best air flow and cooling. In terms of time, yes it take the better part of 4 hours to install and compleatly test a WC loop (took me longer as i had a leak).

For a simple CPU cooling loop you will need:

-1 CPU water block (recomend Danger Den or Swifftech)
-1 resivor or T-Line (I have the res as i find them easy to work with)
-1 radiato (i would go with a 240mm rad (120x2) but you could get awat with just a 120mm rad
-1 pump (I like the DC pumps like Swifftech has)
-Around 8 feet of tubing (never hurts)
-various clamps (i use the screw ones you can buy at home depot)
-fans for your rad ( this is persinal preffrence, would use a high CFM fan if your only gona use a single 120mm rad)
-silicon sealent (this saved my life when i did my build, plugs leaks well!)
-plumbers tape if you use metal fittings (thats only metal on metal, dont use for plastic, it wont work!)
-some AS5 or other heatsink paste.

these are just recomendations, its your loop and its all about persinal taste

if you have any questions just PM me
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