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I Just purchased Cayin i5 Android Music player for 520 euro
It came New and Sealed my surprise when i opened it and conect it to Pc
it kept conecting and disconecting taking 2-3 minuts until it finaly conecting , it does that all the time

I timed the problem

10.08.00 I plug in cayin i5 Audio player and turn it on by USB port on Pc, a conexion sound heard
10.08.10 conexion sound pc heard
10.08.27 conexion sound pc heard
10.08.30 now I Click Turn on usb storage on Cayini5 button under Android logo
10.08.35 conexion sound pc heard
10.08.40 conexion sound pc heard
10.09.45 Removable disc I show up (is nothing in it cannot get in)
10.10.10 Removable Disc E show up, Cayin i5 is conected i can get in and move music in and out.
(removable disc i still there but cannot use it not sure what is for)
when disconect Cayin i5 both Disc E and disc I disapear

I have a Cowon Plenue D musicplayer and it take 5 Seconds to conect to PC
whille my new Mp3 player take 2 minuts, I ask for help with this.

I tried My new Audio music player on another PC and it took 1 Minute to conect
i though it would take 5-10 seconds on another PC

I tried Emailing the company Cayin and They have not find the solution yet.

What should i do the music player is still 2-3 days new and i can still return it
but i hope to get it to work.

How in windows can i speed it up so it conect

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