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Portal 2 worth it?

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Is Portal 2 worth the $45? Me and a friend were thinking about having a LAN party and running through the co-op. But what about once we finish that and the single player? I mean, there is custom levels, but the main reason I went through Portal was because of GlaDoS.

I'm just wondering if it's really worth my $45, I mean, I could buy Minecraft and a few other games(full list of current games here, I also have others such as AC 2, AC Brotherhood, Bioshock 1/2, etc)

So will it be worth it?
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Well, you can never say if a game is going to be completely worth it with 100% confidence until it's out and there are reviews and you have played it.

On the other hand, I think it will deliver quite a bit. It's going to be a great game, and playing through the coop is going to be so much fun, you'll probably want to do it again and again. :0

Also custom coop levels. :0
lostintyme buy it with me and get portal 2 for 40$ ;p, but honestly it'll be worth it imo, I haven't had a valve game that i haven't really enjoyed.
I would think it would be, custom levels would add weeks of extra fun and you can always check back for new maps like in SC2 custom games. There are tons of great stuff the community can do and the Co-Op will always be fun with friends.
I definitely think it's worth it. Portal 1 was an epic game, I enjoyed it so much that I finished the whole game at least 5 times. All I've been looking at these past few days are Portal 2 videos, just to get ready for the release. I can't wait for the 19th.

I'd say it's easily worth $45.
Originally Posted by Epona;13089460
Well, you can never say if a game is going to be completely worth it with 100% confidence until it's out and there are reviews and you have played it.
Prime example, homefront. Saw a lot of my friends excited for it but now they are all sad.

Wonder how many people will be upset once BF3 comes out and doesn't include feature x.
did you like portal 1? Was it worth the money? do you want more of that?

Depending on your answers to those questions, you will have your answer of yes or no.

Personally i say no. i found portal extremely dull, think i spent about 5 minutes in it and decided to play something better.
It's a Valve game. It is assumed to be worth 1x arm and 2x legs unless proven otherwise.
If I had the money right now, I would probably say $80 is worth it for Portal 2. Although I wouldn't pay that much just because games don't cost that much. So unless it takes 40 hours to beat Portal 2, then I wouldn't actually cough up that much for it.

That said, we can't really say for sure until it's out. In fact, you can't really say for sure until after you've played it yourself.

But it's Valve, and they haven't let me down yet. I have faith in them.
Only reason I preordered is to support Valve and the PC gaming community!
Did you play portal 1? how much did you like it?
if you liked it very much, get portal 2, if you have not played portal 1, then buy it, and plan a future purchase of portal 2 depending on how much you like the first one.

or you can just wait till the game is actually released since no one knows if its going to be fun or not before then
(actually we all know its going to be awsome... GOTY 2011)

BTW: minecraft is also an awsome game, if you can get both!
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If there are 2 game dev companies i have 100% faith in, it's VALVE and DICE, hell yes it will be worth it.
If you are going to play it with a friend you guys should split a 2-pack and save a few bucks.
Lemme put it to you this way:

Does the sun rise in the east every morning?
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