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Think I can get my 3990x stable on the 1900 Fclk with decently tight timings. But, need to knock the temp down a bit. Can anyone think of the best place to mount a fan with zip ties?

Think I might need to add a hook to the top of the case. I'm worried with the current positioning fan vibrations might cause a leak by jostling around my tubing. For the right bank of memory I could use a ram fan, but don't have enough clearance for the one on the left.

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kinda similar to how I used to do it but I just used speaker wire. Pushed it through a fan hole up top and tied a knot, then did the same to the fan 馃檭

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when I moved to a top mount on my AIO I bought one of these

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If you have a 3d printer you can easily find brackets for ram to attach a fan. Or you can create your own

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just use whatever, shouldn't matter. you're not pushing through a radiator or from a mile away so neither spec needs to be impressive.

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Automotive Double sided Tape!!!
(From 3M and Co)

This stuff STICKS, unlike the white crap.
It's dark to black in colour, so doesn't look bad if trimmed nicely.
It absorbs fan vibrations, making for a quieter system.

Once you get a roll of this stuff all sorts of cooling etc possibilities open up.
No overclocker should be without it IMHO.
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