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Possible mobo problem (Iwill) any help would be great

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ok, built a computer for high performince gaming and graphics software, but when i power on the computer it sends no signal to the monitor, infact the monitor eventually goes into sleep mode. Myself and a friend tried switching the PCI-e X16 slots for the graphics card, nothing happened, tried one stick of ram at a time, still nothing. It gives no beeps or post beeps. when you turn on the power and and start it all the fans on the motherboard turn on all the case fans turn on and all the cathodes turn on, but the cd drives, when the eject button is pushed do not eject, and when you force the drive open with a paper clip nothing spins (not sure if it would). Now the motherboard is an SLI workstation board so would it HAVE to be in sli or crossfire mode or be able to run a single graphics card? specs are below:

Iwill DN800 sli
dual intel xeon 3.2gig 800fsb
4 gig ddr2 registered ecc (required by motherboard)
HIS hightech radeon x1800xt
Ultra X-finity 600watts sli ready psu
3 harddrives (250gig 7200rpm)


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Yes we did try pulling out the battery and different dimm slots for the ram

I'm really thinking its the motherboard because it sends no signal what so ever, its as if you just turn on the monitor when you don't have the cable hooked up to anything. On a plus side i'm friends with a professor here at college that will take a look at it for me but still any ideas that anybody might have as to what the problem is would be great.

forgot to mention no onboard video port only the PCI-e X16 radeon.

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