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Possible to reset default TrueNAS password?

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I switched to Zorin so I moved my keepass file to my NAS but that created a problem.

I need that keepass file to login to TrueNAS. Since I cannot access that file now, how can reset the default username and/or passord so I can login into my TrueNAS server?

Post for Zorin OS Pro.
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I was able to reset the root password and user password but I still cannot connect to it by setting up a network share, W10 keeps telling my password is incorrect when I know it is correct. Sigh.
Looking at what posted the mod at the end of this thread, the root user cannot be used anymore as the shares user.
For security purposes, obviously, if you avoid using the root user, you avoid unwanted connection and/or authentications.

If i remember correctly, you need to set up a new user, with the appropriate rights and use these credentials to authenticate.
It is worth checking which SMB version TrueNas and Windows are running, i remember some incompatibilities also arose from there.
Hope it helps.

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I have a SMB and Unix shares setup on Truenas. Same path for both. If I try the IP address, I am greated with a login window but none of my known good logins will work. If I add /Test it prompts me again for username, workgroup, and password. No matter what I put it, I cannot get it. That was all on Zorin, I have not tried W10 again...
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