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Possible trouble with transferring data between drives?

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So my computer recently died on me, but I e to install Windows 7 64-bitam waiting for my new parts to come in to put my new rig together. I am planning on getting a new hard drive to install Windows 7 64-bit, and then transferring my files form the old hard drive. Since I am not cloning my drive, both of the partitions of my drives are C: drives. So my concern here, is if I have both hard drives plugged in, am I going to run into any troubles regarding there being 2 C:\\ drives at once? I just want to be able to access my old hard drive's files from Windows on my new one, but I would think that having 2 C:\\ drives will be an issue... Can anyone tell me what's got to be done? Thanks ahead!
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Nothing special.

Leave the old hdd unplugged and then install Windows 7 on your new HDD.

Once Windows 7 is installed, plug in the old HDD, ensure that the new HDD is set as the primary boot device in system BIOS, and reboot. You'll be good to go. Your new Windows 7 installation will assign the next-available drive letter to your old HDD.
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