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Possible Upgrade

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Hey guys, so I was considering upgrading my rig over the holidays....

So I'm looking for a budget upgrade, that'll give me some power. Currently I'm looking at this..



No need to worry about memory, i got some 1066 stuff.

I don't really push my overclocks anymore because I just don't need that extra little bit out of my rig. So more looking for a stable performing system with a couple decent features.

I will only run one video card, wont ever go dual, so thats not a worry either.

Suggestions/concerns with what I'm looking at currently?
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The Gigabyte's a good board and the ASUS is going to make no difference than the Gigabyte if you don't plan to overclock.
Like has been said, both motherboards will perform equally well at the same clock speeds. The 790GX is the far superior board for overclocking and has another slot available for CrossFire, but since you don't need any of these features, just go with the Gigabyte board. You'll still be able to get a small overclock on there, though.

This should be a HUGE upgrade from your current CPU.

Edit: I see you say you already have 1066MHz RAM. Is this DDR2 or DDR3? Because if it's DDR2, then you're out of luck with both of those motherboards.


That's what I'd get if your RAM is DDR2.
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its DDR3, dual channel crucial ram.
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