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Possibly reconsider/moddify market guidelines?

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Hi guys,

I know I'm still kinda new on OCN and I dont have the rep required to post in the market but I think the guideline is holding the market back from good honest users that are selling items elsewhere because they dont meet the high standards set. Those standards keep things clean which we all appreciate, but I would think that going on a sole post count might be more friendly. Doesn't need to be low, maybe 150-200 but even 100 post will deter low life people from creating an account same day and ripping people off.

I kinda sparked this because I was considering selling my 1100T and thought it would be a shame to sell it on craigslist when it would be better suited to the community here. The past year I have sold several items on craigslist as I upgraded (gts450, msi 890fxa mobo, thermaltake v9 case, intel ssd) which I sold I thought at great prices, would be nice to have sold them here.

I respect the guidelines set though and if they are not changed I will continue to patiently wait until I meet them.

Thanks for reading
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So then we have people making pointless posts everywhere to meet the post requirement for the f/s section?

You can always browse the wanted threads to see if anyone is looking to purchase what you are selling. There are no rep requirements to respond to a wanted thread.
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