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Post ATI 4850 Clocks/Temp

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Just wondering how high everyone was able to overclock the 4850 and their temperatures. I'm curious to see how much further I can overclock the 4850 without reducing its lifespan dramatically.

I currently have mine at 720/2200 with idle at around 48°C and 68°C at full load with fan speed turned up to 70%. What's everyone else's?
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how did you get 1200 on memory? i get artifacts above 1130...!!!!!!!

i run 720/1130
idles at 30C and loads on 40C, GPUZ reports 45C on MEMIO
It's at 1100. I just included the total memory speed, which was multiplied by two.
Mine is running at 725/1178 with no Volt Mod or Pencil mods. My idle temp with a Thermaltake DuOrb is 31c and load never goes above 45c. One guy on here that did a pencil mod has his somewhere around 850/12xx. I get no artifacts when playing any games and it works wonderfully.

The easiest way to get your memory over 1100 is to use the AutoTune features in CCC Overdrive. It will raise the voltage to your memory a little and raise your max memory clock without invalidating your warranty.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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