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Post Your Server!!!

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Just post a picture of your server setup so everyone here can see your Amazing servers. The more pictures the better :D

The post format should be as follows:

Description / Usage(Print server, backups, file server, etc.)

OS HDD (If you have one):
Storage HDD(s):
Server Manufacturer (Ex: Dell, HP, You?):

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Wish had known about that u-NAS. might have filled up all my space at the bottom of the shelf but, i'd have more storage options.


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This is me and my roommate's mess.
I've got:
Dell Precision T5600 with an 8 core, 64gb of RAM, 12tb of HDD storage, 2tb of SSD storage
Synology DS216 with a pair of 4tb drives in R0

He's got:
Dell T420 with a pair of 6 cores, 64gb RAM, a bunch of storage
Dell T320 with a single 6 core, 48gb RAM, even more storage

I suppose it's pretty unnecessary but we do some cool stuff!


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Ughhh I love/hate setup.

Love what you have.
Hate the way you took the pictures.

Just my opinion :)

Yeah, that was not by choice, it's so small and tight that the camera can only get like 1/4 to 2/1 of it in any given shot with multi shots and or fisheye to see it all. and thank you for the compliment! :) The hole thing isn't even 2 feet deep! it was not fun contorting my body in there to get stuff mounted let alone UPSes.

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Eeeeeeyyyyyyy migration complete!

Whole rack pics:
New Specs/Perf:
2x 2.9ghz hex Sandy (to be upgraded later)
128GB (2x quad, room for 3rd rank)
1x 960GB G.Skill Blade (passed to VM)
2x X520-DA2 (2x 10gbps per)
1x HP420i RAID card
- 4x1TB 2.5in SSDs, RAID5 (3TB)
1x HP P421 SAS card
- HP DL2700
- - 4x1TB 7200 2.5in HDDS, RAID5 (3TB)
- - 4x1TB 7200 2.5in HDDS, RAID5 (3TB)
- - 5x500GB 7200 2.5in HDDS, RAID5+HS (1.5TB)
- HPDL2600
- - 6x4TB 7200 3.5in HDDs, RAID50 (14.5TB)

SSD write perf sucks hard because even on-SSD write caching is disabled, but maxing the 10gbps line to my rig without cache is fun and it's mainly for steam games and other read-only stuff anyway. The HDD arrays could probably be faster, but each DAS only gets a single 6gbps SAS for now.

The storage groups are separated via VM and physical layout. Each storage VM for each of the network drives gets it's disks as well as one 10gbps link not shared with anything. Everything else shares the final 10gbps. This way I can absolutely max out the SSD array/10g while loading a game, but other PCs in the house that may be, say, archiving files or using hosted game servers, won't even notice. Still got 12 2.5s in the 2700, 6 3.5s in the 2600, and 4 2.5s in the server itself, so I should have plenty of room for expansion, but if that isn't enough I can just keep throwing more das units at it until the problem goes away since each card can chain 8 of them.

I plan to replace the CPUs with a pair of 10c/20t Ivy chips later which will be fun. The R310 is still my PFSense box, I still have the G8124 and G8000, though my WiFi got upgraded to a Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Pro and I had to get a new modem to support 1gbps internet (down only, thanks comcast, 2gbps sym when).

Also per the power strip, the whole assembly draws about 5 Amps 24/7 at usual load, which is actually 1.5A lower than my previous set up despite the added storage and networking. :D
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damn nearing home data center levels. i like home racks like that.

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Render Farm

We just finished insulating our garage and I got around to re-organizing the render farm. Had to minimize down time.

The servers were all throwing amber faults in these pics because I only had one power supply plugged in.

Currently have 5 Poweredge R610 and 4 Poweredge 1950

R610 all have dual X5670, 48GB, and a single 146GB 15K SAS

1950 all have dual E5450, 48GB, and a single 146GB 15K SAS

Precision T5400 on the shelf has dual E5450, 16GB, and I think a 500GB HDD

Switch is a 24-port Dell PowerConnect 5324 network managed

KVM is a 16-port Dell 2161 DS-2

APC keyboard/monitor console

APC 42u rack

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You must have cheap electricity!

My HP Dl360p Gen 8 with 24gb memory and dual E5-2609 V2's. Haven't gotten around to giving it a proper home yet. Running just a single 300gb 10K drive to get things rolling.


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I actually don't have cheap electricity but the servers I posted only run when they're making money. So that cost is accounted for and offset in the project total.

The PE 1950 use a little more than the R610 but honestly it's not that much different. If you take all the hard drives out and just run a small one for OS the only real difference is newer processors using less wattage.

We have an upgrade path for replacing older with newer but the main driver is just higher core count vs. cost to acquire. RX10 series servers got really cheap over the last 5 years.

I'll probably recycle the 1950 soon and replace with RX30 series.

Everyone else has awesome setups as well and I easily waste hours looking here and r/homelab and r/cableporn !

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modded DL380G6 silent


following this tutorial

my modded DL380-g6 for very silent stuf
2*140mm arctic cooling blow out

5 noiseblocker 60mm fans blow out

1*gt 620 nvidia zotac

adaptec 51245 raid
130gb ram
hp p410i raid
lsi logic scsi for tape drive lto3

2* 5675X xeon 95w (max tpd authorized) 2*6 cores/ 24 threads HT


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