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Hi all,

I'd like to get a second opinion on the issue with my brand new Corsair RM550x PSU. Whenever I move the unit I can hear faint rattling sound. After thorough observation of the insides with a flashlight through intake fan grill I was able to find the cause of this sound. Please refer to the attached pictures (1, 2, and 3) of internal components from different Corsair PSU models that I found in reviews on this web site. In each picture I outlined in red the thing that's making this sound. So one of these grey rings (ferrite bead?) doesn't sit tight and has some millimeter to move back and forth along the pin its sitting on. In picture 1 I point with red arrow the actual location of that particular ring that's making this sound.

So my question is - is this a defect or damage of any kind? What does it mean when this ring is not seated tight, that the pin is not soldered to the PCB at all or it's just not seated deep enough to jam this ring? Or is there not enough solder? Will it have any effect on PSU operation and will it cause any damage to computer components [in the long run]?

I contacted Corsair and even though they confirmed my assumption that this PSU won't cause any problem, they still insist I should try to exchange it with my retailer as they say that "the issue is not normal". I'm reluctant to exchange this unit because it might take weeks to get another sample (and I'm really tired of replacing Corsair products lately!). And what are the chances that the next sample won't have similar issue? Besides, if the retailer will not consider it as a defect, they will charge me for unfounded warranty service (that's the policy).

Do you believe this unit is subject to replacement or do I have nothing to worry about?


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Please use the picture embed function this will let everyone see your pictures without having to click on them and download them just to view them.

You should try and talk with the retailer and explain the problem if they will take it back you should, if they dont want to take it back you will either have to live with the noise or get another PSU.
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