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Time to dismantle the beast(well. The ex-beast!) for a little tune-up. Sadly no i7 for me yet, I think I can handle my LGA775 for a little while more.

Lapping CPU, then installing my lapped TRUE with some AS5:

Lapped CPU and TRUE, stopped at 1200 Grits. Will probably re-lap it to 2000 grit because it annoys me. Pics to come once I find the damn cable.

Swapping out my 8800 GTS for two EVGA GTX 260 Core 216's:

One GTX 260 was DOA. The other one squeals. Kept the squealer, waiting for my RMA.

Installing fan controller:

Only thing that really went smoothly. Only thing though, these LEDs are nearly tanning me.

Installing fans to said controller:

Done, but one of the fans died in the process it seems. It was the stock fan from the case anyway... I'll be ordering better fans to replace them all anyway.

Installing Perc 5/i:

Went smoothly. I think the BBU may be defective, but I didn't receive my cables to plug my HDs in yet... so I'm waiting patiently. Flashed the firmware to LSI's.

Installing another iCage for more HD room(will need it later)

Was a tight fit, but I couldn't help but notice how USELESS this thing is. I'll just take it out of my case and replace it with a better fan, lol.

Installing 2 x WD 1TB Caviar Blacks in there.

Done! Didn't do the RAID yet though, since I'm waiting to put it on my raid controller.

- Cable management

Had issues this time around, will need to mod my case slightly.

Next maintenance: In two weeks, will contain the following:

- Re-seating NB with AS5
- Pencil mod
- Re-seating CPU/TRUE and re-lap them from my ending 1200 grit to 2000 grit w/ pressure mod.
- Install improved fans over the stock ones in my case, and getting them on fan controller
- Plug in my second GTX 260.
- Plug my SATAs into RAID controller
- Cable Management


Next upgrade planned:

Sometime in June step-up.

- Buying Q9650, unlapped for a week. (verify if it works fine for a week incase of RMA)
- Install some new 1200W PSU
- Install two step-upped GTX 285(don't think I'll go 295... Multi-GPU cards haven't impressed me so far)
- Wait a week.
- Take it all off again, lap, install TRUE + Pressure mod
- Real cable management, with case mods if necessary.

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Was the worst ever. My cables for my Perc weren't working(the card was, though, tested). One of the GTX 260 was DOA. I couldn't seat the darn thing right... Room is a mess.. All in all, taking a break until next weekend. I was cussing a bit too much at the end. Lol.

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here's hoping it goes better next weekend - that is slated to be one heck of an upgrade...
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