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power a gtx 295?

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able to get a 295 on the cheap from a friend.

could i power it?

apart from pci sound card and dvd drive
if it aint in my sig it aint in my case

is it a pipe dream folks or am i gonna have to geta new psu?
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Absolutively! i think as long as you have the right connectors, so how much is cheap?
I think you could actually.

My friend runs a PhenomII 920 and crossfired 3870s off that same PSU; so if the power draw for a GTX295 is only double a 3870 then you should be fine.
lets say >£100 <£150

and sweet
i have a 6 + 6 + a little 2 pin to make an 8. is that enough because i could get one of those molex adapters?
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Well if your getting it for cheap might as well get it and try it. If it doenst work then buy another psu. Its a nice card don't pass up on a deal. But yours is a 600w its not too far off from what it says it needs, I don't see why it wouldn't work.
should leave me enough money to buy a copy of crysis....
*evil laugh*
Q6600 at 3.2G. GTX295 is a 289w GPU but usually takes 240w on load so OCZ 600w is able to power it up but at edge.
I think the other issue is if he has 47a on this 12v rails, but I'm unsure of exact amp
you should be fine i have the same psu in another rig and its gr8.
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