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Power Button Extension ??

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Hey everyone,

A buddy of mine has an old P4 sony vaio who's mobo crapped the bed.

he bought a new micro atx socket 478 mobo hoping that it would solve the problem only to find out that the micro atx board , when mounted to the old sony vaio case , is out of reach to connect the wires for the power button , reset , hdd LED , ect ...

The wires in the case simply wont reach to the board.

Its looking like either we find some type of extensions for these little bastards or buy a new case.

I can't seem to find any extensions for these... do you guys have any ideas??

thanks as always
~ meta
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Cut the ends off of the wires (leave about 6"), get some more wire, splice it in there, tape it up, and go.
They do sell these extensions for a wopping 2.99 a piece at frozencpu, then slap on the 9$ shipping charge. I was tempted to buy them for my antec 900 mod I am doing this weekend. But instead, I will just be opening up the case to get to the front panel to get to the wires, and I will solder on some extensions about 6-8:.. If you want, just wait till this weekend and see how I do it.
Are you serious??

What kind of wire would I use , regular copper? gauge?
Shouldn't matter what kind of wire. All it does is create a short between the 2 pins on the mobo. as long as it's conductive, it will work
I think its either 18 gauge or 22 gauge, correct me please? It doesn't matter really, but its nice to keep the same gauge.

I have some laying around which I will be using, then selling the left over. I will also be sleeving mine.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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