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Power outage and now comp wont start help!

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Last night we had a major storm and it resulted in a citywide power outage. Now my comp won't turn on.

I have the power connected to a surge protector. I can see that the surge protector has power.

I can also see that the Hiper PSU is getting power as the rear fan led is on and the on/off button is glowing.

It just won't start. I have tried unplugging the power supply from the wall and left it that eay for 10 minutes to see if it would reset.

No luck. Help!
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well just shutting your computer off in use could have damaged any number of things. start in the beginning and work your way in first try another power supply, if you have one. i would be willing to bet it fried ur piower supply even if some parts are working
do you have a UPS? (Uninterruptible Power Supply)


it does a lot more than just give you power for 20-40 min. it saves your computers @ss.
If its not something simple like a Cmos reset you probably have a fried motherboard, psu, or hard drive. or maybe a combination. it happens...
I reset the cmos no luck. avy other suggestions?

what should I try next?

how can I prevent this for future occurences?
try a different powersupply, if it still dont work then its prolly a mobo. if the hard drive was fried i think it would atleast post wouldnt it

Originally Posted by rottenotto
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Does the mobo have a "reset" button? (Mine does).

do you have a cmos jumper as well?

where is your reset button located?
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how can I prevent this in future oiccurences?
Buy a surge protector at your local Radio Shack. The problem with your computer now is more than likely your power supply, it happened to me once.
this happened to me once as well, i fixed it by reseting the cmos, i find taking out the battery works pretty well
Ok, so I took my psu out and had a local custom computer shop test it. They said it looked to be fine.

I then tried swapping out the mob and still no luck. I do notice that on the psu the power button lights up. The mob also has a green light on the bottom of it, indicating it has power too.

The computer just wont start up when I press the power button. Nothing happens at all.

Whats my next move?
processor or ram could be dead
Could still be the mobo or your cpu.
Buy a high end surge protector, one of the 50$ or even a UPS for like 100$.

NEVER leave your comp plugged in during a big storm, even if it has a surge bar. Always unplug them. Thats how you will prevent this.

Also the surge protection on that other surge protector is probably ruined now, leaving that surge bar useless.
ok so if its my cpu , shouldn't I at least see the ram trying to work (they have led lights) and the comp at least trying to post?

also my mob has a led light on it showing it has power. the weird thing is the fans on.my psu dlont come on? shouldn't they be running when it is powered on?
what is the best ups to get? does it double as a surge proector or do I also need a surge protector?

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what is the best ups to get? does it double as a surge proector or do I also need a surge protector?
I am also curious on a good one to get.... Im afraid that this will happen to me too.
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Originally Posted by KANJIBANKERS View Post
what is the best ups to get? does it double as a surge proector or do I also need a surge protector?
A UPS is just a giant battery. The wall outlet charges up the battery while the battery powers your PC. A UPS works as a surge protector but there is another benenfit. It provides "cleaner" steady power to your PSU. This may help overclocking and reduce strain on your PSU. Worse case senario would be the power spike takes out your UPC but your PC wouldn't be affected. You said you live in a city... an aprt or house? Is the building relatively new?
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