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Power Rangers

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The Power Rangers - Team Stats

Captain - PimpSkyline - Black Ranger (GPU-Wildcard - GTX 770 LE)

Vice Captain - Josephimports - Red Ranger (AMD - 7970)

Danbeme32 - Yellow Ranger (GPU-Open - 980Ti)

- White Ranger (i7 - 5960X )

Klue22 - Blue Ranger (GPU- Limited GTX 980)

- Green Ranger (nVidia - GTX 780)

Past Folders - Thanks for all your contributions!

nckid4u (i7 2600K)
Coopa88 (i7 2600K)
shapiror06 (i7 930)
3dfxvoodoo (Q9550)
kingofyo1 (X6 1090T)
Lagittaja (GTX 560Ti)
Triangle (i5 750)
_s3v3n_ (i5 2500K)
strat79 (i7 2600K)
adamski07 (i5 2500K)
$ilent (i7 2700k)
yannickhk (Fermi GTX580)
begjr2 (AMD 6950)
PR-Imagery (Cat 2 & i7)
King Who Dat (i5 2500K)
VoodooKnight (i7 2600K)
tycoonbob (AMD 6950)
Lee17 (i5 2500k)
Scorpion49 (i5 3570K)
Nitrogannex (X6 1600T)
MarkV1184 (3570K)
Psilocybe (AMD 5850)
CudaBoy71 (GTX 560)
Donkey1514 - Vice Captain (AMD 7970)
Asiqduah (GTX 680)
47 Knucklehead - Team Captain (Cat 5 & i7)
anubis1127 - Team Captain (AMD 7970 x2 & GTX 680 x2)
simonfredette - Vice Captain (i5 3570k)
lacrossewacker - GPU-E (GTX 780)
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:kungfu: [URL=https://www.overclock.net/t/887917/power-rangers/0_50]Folding Team - The Power Rangers[/URL] :kungfu: 
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Stats have been added. My those 0's look inviting.

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You'd better get your Fold on...we're disappearing off into the distance (again).... :wheee: :sonic:

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This might be fun. I need to max the 460 for this. Hopefully, I can get 900/1800/whatever stable. I think I am at 855 right now.
Bump your voltage up just a hair. I have a 460 on order and I've been doing a lot of research on them. Seems as though they respond very well to just a little bump in voltage around ~1.087v. Should be able to get over 900/1800/1050 core/shader/mem.

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So... a captainless team? :thinking: I think not; nominations please. :p
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