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Power Supply for Full Tower

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i'm really looking forward to a modular power supply with around 700-800 watt and cables long enough for a full tower case's wire management system(thermaltake spedo), basically the cables have to be long enough to go through the back and come around to the front, my budget is limited to 100-120 give or take another 10 or so, but would be thrilled if it is under 100,

so far i came across the antec earth power but some reviews exclaimed the 12v was too short for the cable management system in a full tower case

from just poking around this is what i found but dunno if the cables are long enough

all helps are appreciated it!
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Incredible deal, I would jump on it. The first thing I normally recommend in a PSU thread is the Corsair TX-750, and that Antec I linked is superior in every way. $60 off, and $90 off with MIR. You shouldn't pass it up.
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