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power supply for the 5850

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Would this run a 5850?
Also, would I have to use any cable to connect it to my power supply or would I just plug and play?
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bad link? but i see the hyperlink and it says ocz gamexstream 700w
yes that will power a 5850 w/ more than enough power
it could possibly power two 5850s
Can you check the link, its not linking to anything. If its the OCZ one you have in your system spec you should be fine. 700 watts definatley enough.
a 500 W by a good brand should be good

if you are planning CF in the future go 650
A Corsair 650 watt would be perfect.
I ran a 5870 with a Corsair 550 watt.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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