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Power supply problem

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About a week ago, my computer wouldn't start. I heard what I thought was arcing from my power supply so I came on here to replace it. I just got my order in yesterday and now my problems have gone from bad to worse. My computer is behaving in wierd ways. Some components refuse to work with the new power supply. I can connect all of my hard drives but one. If it is connected, the computer will power on for a second then shut down. when that drive is the only peripheral connected, it still will not power on.

Somebody please help!

the power supply is the one in my sig. it will be powering my sig rig
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Your PSU might be a little underpowered for that 4870, even though it is a Corsair.
400W is not enough juice there mate. Get the Corsair 650TX, that should solve your problems!
well even with the 4870 out and the integrated it still doesn't work. could i have gotten a bad(slightly below specs in this case) psu?
What did you have before that failed? It's not unheard of for poor quality units taking other components with them on failure.

Agreed that the Corsair 400W is too light for the 4870. That said, the reason it shuts down like that is due to the protection circuitry kicking in... there's something about that one hard drive it doesn't like
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I had a 580W sunbeam psu.

also, I have a lan on thursday so is there any way I could jerry-rig it to work for that day then return it to get a better one?
Even with the graphics card out you have got 4 hard drives in there and at least 1 burner maybe 2 400w would be the minimum recommendation with 1 hard drive. my Mobo manual recommends 500w minimum for mine. I would say your problem is not enough juice at initial power up
Pull the hard drive it doesn't like and use a video card that isn't quite as power hungry. Or run things stock... that might do it temporarily.

Sunbeam... IIRC they used a cheaper Andyson build full of Fuhjyyu caps. No wonder it failed - they're some of the worst caps you can find in a PSU. Just ask the legion of disappointed Antec Truepower/Smartpower I and II owners out there who have had one of them quit.
I suppose I'll see if I can contact an acquaintance to borrow a say 750W?

Also, on the topic of power supplies taking other components with them, i think mine took one of my 40G drives that had my os on it so im down to 3 drives now.


I did some tests of my system with only the dvd burner attatched and I can load a windows install disk but then it starts to hang in the final loading phases and then grinds to a complete stop.
The borrowing idea should work, as long as you can get your hands on a decent one
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