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Power supply varification please!

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I have an Antec Neopower Blue 650W power supply. It has 3 +12v rails, and a max power output of 624W on the 3 rails and each rail has 19A. My question is, the video card I want wants 550W and a combined current rating of 42A. Will I have enough amps for this card? It uses 2 pci-e power connectors, and by what i've read, you can put these on different rails or something? idk... so clarification on the questions please! And is the combined current rating include all three rails or just one rail, since I was told by a Fry's employee that the amperage that I can get is found on the 2nd rail, in this case being 19A. I believe he's wrong.
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You should be fine. Antec 650W PSU will handle most things. 50 something amps total on the 12v rails is pretty good. As long as you have enough PCI-E connectors, you'll be fine.

What card are you getting btw?
The NeoHE 650W has 52A combined on the 12V. A lesser known fact is that it is not a multi-rail unit, even though it is labeled as one. It's not the best unit but it should run just about any video card.
im planning on getting a gtx 285. i dont wanna touch a multicore gpu yet, plus i dont need all that graphic processing power
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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