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Power suppy dead or alive

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Last night i was watching a movie in bed and had set my PC to auto shut down after playback.
Later at night i a woke up and to my surprise it was still on (But monitor off) so i reached for the PSU switch and turned it off the hard way.

Later this morning to my surprise, i flicked the Psu switch and it turned on without pushing the power button.which i wasn't bothered about.

But the problem is my motherboard wont post when i try this. i tried every hardware combination but still nothing
I pulled out my old cheap 600watt Psu and am using it to power the motherboard and hard disks and the half dead one to power the graphics card and CPU.

is there any one who has ideas on how to fix this.
I invested in a 1tb Hard disk recently and a lil strapped.

And out of curiosity do i use more power in this configuration??
1PSU Vs. 2PSU's
or its LOAD dependent

PSU Hardware specs are:
ORYNN 750watt Hercules 60A/12v
Power-color 600watt ??A/12

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Well if you are using a different psu and it is posting then your psu died.
And for the most part power consumption is load dependent but it also depends on the efficiency of the psus
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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