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Power usage, same as 2 light bulbs?

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ok so at the moment i am folding on my sig rig and it is pulling a steady 210 Watts on my Australian Version of the KillAWatt.

so as far as the electricity bill is concerned would it cost the same amount as 2x100 watt tungsten (aka normal filament) light bulbs?

because that sounds really cheap.
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Yeah, 8800GT + Wolfdale is a pretty energy efficient setup even after you OC it.
so seriously guys if you want to fold but can't afford the extra on the electricity bill, turn off two light to offset the power
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It really doesn't cost that much. I figured out last night that my rig costs roughly $25/month to fold 24/7.
I run my farm and my house on under $100/month in electricity and I'm drawing about 1600-1800W in power from computers. The electricity really isn't that much for folding.
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