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Powershell script for Event Log monitoring, notifications via Windows Toast and Telegram Bot (WHEA Errors, etc)

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It's a quick script that I made to monitor the WHEA errors; not very fancy but effective:
  1. It's lightweight, only needs an additional app to run (otherwise the Powershell console will blink on screen)
  2. Toast notifications and Telegram Bot message can be enabled independently and via command line
  3. Instructions, pretty raw, inside the script
  4. Should work also with Windows 7 (maybe, not tested); runs on Powershell 5.1
  5. How to create a Telegram bot is out of the scope of this documentation, GIYF :)
Cons: a lot of manual steps :p

Here where to download the additional app to run Powershell scripts without attaching a console:

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A quick tip I forgot to mention.
There's a weird bug, at least in Win10 v2004, which prevents the scheduled tasks to run properly if attached to an event in a custom view.
So don't try to create the task from a custom view; I banged my head a while on it because I have a custom view for the WHEA errors.
The task will run and reported working fine but the program attached to it will not run...
Just use the standard Application, System, Security views in the Windows Logs section.
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