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PowerSupply Questions*Connectors*

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Hello OCN crew. I'm going to be moving my build soon to i7 + x58 + Antec 1200 case and with that im going to learn from a lot of previous mistakes when putting it together. My Antec P182 was cramped near the power supply area and in turn broke two SATA connectors on the hard drive rendering them useless and creating a ANGRY user
Anyway I'm gonna get all SATA connectors with 90degree connectors to reduce this plus the bigger and better case helps too.

My question is are there power supply companies that have special connectors or are there attachments you can add to the SATA power connectors to make them sturdier or mods to make them a lot more reliable because on most of my power supply sata power connectors they broke so they dont stay on the harddrive and fall off with the slightest touch, Please give feedback so these problems can be avoided thank you.

Quick ironic thought, Anandtech posted a blog citing this exact situation where someone with P182 case(Cramped environment) caused his plastic connector on his harddrive to break. I wish they would make them a stronger material as this isn't an isolated problem. Hope this helps somone.
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For mods I would say duct tape works wonders. If you broke the power cables then you can email customer support at antecs website, and you should be able to either buy some or get them to send you new ones (if your PSU is modular).
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