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PPD went WAY down last week...anyone else? Reboot?

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Hi folks,

My PPD went WAY down last week. I was not sure if it was from the 420s that were released or what. Funny thing was that the 420s started out ok and then plummetted in PPD. After they came in the rest of my W/Us were plummetting as well.

I rebooted my computer last night late and the PPD count is back up where it usually was a couple weeks ago and the 420s are running better.

I have not installed any drivers or programs on the computer. Very strange indeed. After the reboot late last night things appear to be back to MY normal.....

So...does anyone else reboot occassionally and do you think it helps?

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Check your CPU usage. I was just troubleshooting some low PPD on my GX2 rig and found that it was at 100% on 1 core.

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I run the CPU as well folding on both cores with the SMP client. It turns out about 1800 PPD....it had significantly dropped in PPD as well. My CPU stats run 100% utilization at all times for folding. Really the only thing we do with the new rig now is fold and the wife checks her email or the net.

It is one of those things though....if I don't know why something happened it bugs the crap out of me until I can figure it out!

Thanks for the suggestion....I will closely monitor that as well!
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