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Pre build water chillers?

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I'm looking to do water chilling for my upcoming build. I have a massively large res, and was hoping to put a water chiller in there, but am not looking to build one if it requires breaking laws (like some phase change). Or are there any guides on building them if it's not too hard?

I'm not looking sub ambient, just need to cool 2 CPU's and a GPU room temp.
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My main reason for this is because I can port the heat to another room or outside allowing me to maintain summer overclocks. It's not for high benches, it's just because I'm tired of a hot room, as I can turn it off easily enough and just keep pumping water.

EDIT: May as well go bong cooling then. Need to do more research on what I can fill it with (some say tap water, I would assume distilled is better) what pump I should use, ect.
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